Iris4Life is a portal for all people to do Charity jobs in Vietnam
Focused on connecting donors, non-government organizations, volunteers
with meaningful projects and disadvantaged causes.


Iris4Life builds a net covering all Vietnamese Charity environment
We work hard to carry crowd-source power into meaningful projects saving thousands of disadvantaged lives.


Always clearing and updating lasted information about all projects and causes appeared on Iris4Life website, we dispel donors’ fears of wasting their money into unbelievable projects.


With Iris4Life, NGOs no more worry about cancelled projects due to lack of finance, which gives them opportunities to implement activities meaningful for communities.


Expanding opportunities to take part in Charity projects and better lives of the disadvantaged is what Iris4Life means to volunteers.


At Iris4Life, you can find tools to do multiple things for the better Charity environment in Vietnam.

Call for crowd investments

At Iris4Life, you can find tools to do multiple things for the better Charity environment in Vietnam.

Report of operations

Members joining our network can follow the project they care, receiving lasted reports of financial and operational status, making sure that the projects are being run and their results are bettering society.

Information record

Iris4Life system memorizes the activities of all members into their online CVs on which we steadily rank top users whose contributions are more significant than other people, thus they can have big sayings in the network.


Under the supervision of dedicated Iris4Life management board,
our system are controlled tightly to make
sure any detail can be trusted.



There is no exception in Iris4Life network
Iris4Life aims at giving supports for projects and causes on any field of
Vietnam Charity world


Iris4Life was born to make differences
We take advantage of all what we have to create a new era for Vietnamese Charity

Free cost

Our vision is to better Vietnam Charity network, we require no cost from our all members; thus, they needn’t worry about losing their money before getting something for their projects.

Trusted information

Thanks to our monitoring system, Iris4Life can confidently affirm users with providing accurate and updated information about projects and causes appeared on our website.

Diverse areas

At Iris4Life, there is no excepted field. We cover all which relate to Vietnamese Charity environment, as saying Education, Healthcare, Culture, Nature, The disadvantaged.

Total solution

Iris4Life is not just crowd-funding but crowd-source, meaning that our support for Vietnam Charity network only stops when projects and causes are fully implemented and resulted in good contributions.


Easy, clear and careful are the processes we run in Iris4Life network

For Donors


  • Sign up an account
  • Choose projects/causes
  • Work for registered projects if acepted
  • Receive confirmed email
  • Get reports through website and email
  • Take refunds if projects/causes don’t work

For NGOs


  • Sign up an account
  • Send profiles of projects/causes
  • Review registered volunteers if have
  • Keep track of accepted projects/causes
  • Get fund/volunteers at the end of donation time
  • Report operations regularly

For volunteers


  • Sign up an account
  • Apply for projects recruiting volunteers
  • Wait for confirmed emails
  • Work for registered projects if acepted
  • Upload causes if haved
  • Report operations of causes regularly

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